Are you a vacation rental owner or manager?  Do you revel in the fact that you try to think of everything for your guests?  You want them to have a amazing guest experience, right?

Well, we always need to up our game.  Keep it interesting.  Have something fresh for our return guests.  And if we can get them to post in Facebook or Instagram about the property…well that is just pure gold.

Here are our top 5 suggestions for you to gift to your vacation rental this holiday season.

1. We all know that we need to have LOTS of throws and blankets.  There is something about baskets of throws that says “snuggle here” and “look at me Pinterest” in photos.  Well, how about a beautiful throw that is washable and gives back to charity?  This blanket is sustainably made with 100% recyled US apparal.  The best part:  10% of every purchase is donated to The International Elephant Foundation.  Post a little sign or add it to your guest book that you are helping elephants with your snuggly throws and feel good about it.  $45.00

2.  The Samsung Art TV.  “TV when it is on, Art when it is off.”
Why is it great for your property?  You can make the TV area look beautiful for photos.  You can pick the art shown on the TV and the frame color.  It can also be wifi ready for your guests Netflix etc.  We suggest having a art photo displayed when your guests enter with the name of the property and any welcome message you want.  Yes – it can do that too!  Starting at $1199

3.  We know we need great books in our vacation rentals.  Guests bring their vacation books and easy reads.  This beautiful hardcover book Magnum Edition Wine Folly looks amazing sitting out.  It is designed to educate the newbie wine enthusiast in a fun way and yet still interesting to the connissuer.  Beautiful pictures and a unexpected education for the reader.  Bonus – add The New Wine Rule and Cork Dork to make a collection.  Published by –  availalbe on Amazon $22.96

4.  Got games?  Of course you do.  But you want to have something different and well, to be honest, looks good too.  This is a cool game that is unique and pretty.  This famous (or infamous) 14-piece puzzle is so old it’s described in manuscripts attributed to the Greek mathematician Archimedes. With these Tangram-like pieces, it’s possible to form up to 536 different squares, yet making just one is incredibly difficult.  You could start a new tradition for some families.  If anything, your guests will think your really smart for having it.  Ostomachion Puzzle $35

5.  The good ice.  Anytime.  Anywhere. That is their slogan and it is true!  Yes, it is a bit of a splurge but guests will LOVE you for it.  It makes ice pretty quickly and it is legit the “good ice.”  You could have it ready for check in and you are instantly a hero.  After a day of travel to your vacation destination, wouldn’t you love the perfect ice waiting for you?  They will definetly brag about this bonus feature at check in. $449


Well, there you have it.  See, it is not that scary and you will add some cool
stuff to your vacation rental that your guests will love.

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