The J Duce Design Team


Jessica Duce:

Principal Designer and Owner of JDuce Design 

I am an Interior Designer. My mother was too. I LOVE what I do! I have clients around the country. Some I have never met but I know every room in their home.  Some have become lifelong friends.  Which is pretty cool. In addition to my residential and commercial clients, I specialize in VRBO and AirBnB design. I am lucky to be surrounded by a very talented team that is passionate about JDuce Design.

Kathy Helfrich:

Lead Designer at JDuce Design

I spent more than 22 years in real estate, where I had the privilege of working with the most amazing builders, architects, interior designers and realtors. I was a certified home stager and when I took on a few redesign projects, that’s when it it hit me!!!! Interior Design was my calling. I really enjoy the process of helping others redesign their homes. I love architecture, interior design and just being creative for my clients and see the joy that it brings them.

Raemi Vermiglio:

Photography Goddess

I have been providing businesses and individuals beautiful images for the last 10 years.  Coast to coast, I collaborate with businesses to create and photograph unique imagery that makes my clients stand out in their industry. I love what I do and listen to my clients to capture the best images possible. My clients get more likes, more clicks, and more revenue by using exceptional imagery to sell commercial brands, services and products.



Tammi Macek-Cole:

Office Whisperer

I enjoy Traveling, Paddle Boarding, Concerts, Sporting Events and spending time with Family, Friends & our Fur-babies. I am a master organizer and keep everything together for the JDuce team. I have always been inspired by design, architecture, and some of my favorite destinations: Costa Rica, Columbia, Cancun, Cozumel, Playa De Carmen, Baja, Alaska, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, Las Vegas, California, Jacksonville Beach.


Why we love it: It’s so nice and bright! We brought the Quartz down from the counter to the floor.  Great design on a budget!

Rustic modern living area


Why we love it: We quickly prepared a home for guests. Scale, color, and placement are right on.


Why we love it: The bottom “drawer” is a trundle bed. And yes, those are real portholes.



Why we love it: It’s so light and airy and the red color pop really accents the white details.

We are a Proud Brand Ambassador