I'm bringing back the Den! My One Room Challenge Reveal - Spring 2020

Updated: Jun 28

So it's been quite a year right? And its June. Seems appropriate that I would pick this year to be a Guest Desinger with the One Room Challenge 2020. The annual event is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens. When I signed up, I had just moved to a new state and life, trying to rebuild my business in a new place, helping my daugher move across country, my husband traveling to Louisiana for work, and oh yeah - there was this pandemic.

But....I am so glad I did it. Why you ask? This fabulous challenge that I have watched evolve over the years has always intrigued me. I never felt confident to take on the challenge and in particular "show my personal home style" Participating made me get out of my comfort zone and force me to start working on my new home.

I decided to tackle the Den. Some may call it a office but I grew up in the 70's - that is what my parents called it. I had planned on my guest room - but had to keep it available for quarantining. Still can't believe I am typing those words.

The Den was a concern from the moment we bought the house. The walls were a molded plaster treatment that was a combination of a raised vertical stripe, a metal trim pressed into the plaster, a stamp treatment of ivy vines, and a glaze treatment over the faux finish of 4 different colors.

I have never seen anything like it. It was rough to the touch and had collected dust in its crevices over the years. Yup. Contractor had to take walls to studs -couldnt save them.

The wood paneling and bookshelves were stained plywood. You can't make it pretty. Paint or remove were the only options.


The real treasure of the room is the fireplace.

It is a antique parisian mantle that was installed in this 1979 home. My kind of treasure.

We chose Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone for the walls and wood. We wanted a green blue feel that could change at different times in the day. Nailed it. It looks really green in the pictures - which I LOVE - but it does change. It is so warm and rich feeling in the space.

Same view as before - wow! I think its a total transformation. Not bias.

This Den will be my husbands retreat. The shelves are loaded with things that are important to him. Awards, Degrees, memorobila and trinkets from his kids fill the shelves. The art above his record player is of Louisiana where he has an office. The sword on the mantle was a gift from my father. It is a Civil war sword passed down in our family. The chairs are one of his favorite things we have purchased over the years. The lamp near the sofa was given to him by his Grandfather.

The sofa is covered in Revolution Performance fabric. It's called Sugarshack. It is indestructable and I truly love it. I chose to work with what we had as much as possible. Where I did bring in new - I made sure it was the good stuff.

The fabric in the pillows, window seat, and window treatment are all Anna Elizabeth fabrics by Greenhouse fabrics. So beatiful. I could stare at the bird print all day long.

The rug. Yes, it is as lush in person. It is dreamy. Thank you Surya for this amazing layer that takes this room to the next level. Got to sneak my dog in here...

Lots of stuff but it all is personal - which is the best part.

I did have a hack I am proud of. This room is dark. I really wanted the fancy library lights installed at the bookcases. As we progressed into the project, we discovered that installing true hardwire lights would cause so much damage to the book units that we would end up needing to replace them. I found a solution with remote controled, battery operated art lights.

They mount directly to your art frame or cabinet. So easy. I use one remote and viola - all my lights come on and truly, you would never know they are not hardwired. I saved like a gazillion dollars.

Of course there are things I would tweak in retrospect but that's okay. I am not too hard on myself. This DEN was created with love, on a budget, made incredibly personal, and a huge improvement for our home. We love it. Together. In quarantine.

Peace and love to you and thank you for reading this.

Jessica xoxo

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