Well, here goes...

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

This is my first blog post. Kind of officially. I have dabbled here and there. Written a few articles like thisand for a magazine or two. But this time, I am writing without a template from an editor or suggested feature topic.

This is just me. And what I like.

Uber quick rundown: I am an Interior Designer. My mother was also. You know how they say do what you would do if money was not an issue? I do. I LOVE what I do. But – those dang bills and kids in college. So it can’t be free.

I have clients around the country. Some I have never met but I know every room in their home. Some have become lifelong friends. Which is pretty cool.

In addition to my residential and commercial clients, I specialize in VRBO and AirBnB design. Here is a old article on one of my VRBO projects. 📷

But I am not a army of one. I am surrounded by some very talented people. Kathy is a lead Designer and she does BEAUTIFUL work. We snagged her up when she relocated from AZ.

Check out some of her work HERE.

Tammy is basically the “it” girl. She somehow knows everyone, has the memory of an elephant, and keeps us all in check. She may be secretly in charge and not telling us. I will get back to you on that.

Raemi is our photography Goddess. She makes us look really good and she takes amazing photos of our work. Her speciality is commercial work. Need a photographer for your biz – check her out. We can’t always have her to ourselves. Check her out at HERE.

We have lots of great content coming your way. We will have special promotions, design inspiration and information, and occasional drink recipes like THIS. Why? Because it’s just me. And what I like.

Thanks for reading!

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